Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts program suggestions:

Position Proposal by Fernando Jones


Archive and Guitar encased display

Secure a minimum of 15 identifiable guitars of living Chicago Blues guitar players such as Buddy Guy's polka dot Strat, Toronzo Cannon's flying V, my arctic white Telecaster, etc.

Big Bill Broonzy's acoustic guitar may be available for loan by the Old Town School of Folk Music. Ralph Metcalfe, Jr. may have Lefty Dizz's guitar

There may be one of Muddy Waters' guitar with the late Scott Cameron's family. Scott was Muddy's manager and in charge of his estate.


The Blues College Archive

Solicit and collect artifacts of known and unknown local musicians, writers, collectors, and fans to help tell the intimate behind the scene stories, yet untold, of the Blues.

Place 1 to 3 interactive Blues themed lines of poetry on digital signs around the Center by the likes of Gwendolyn Brooks, James Baldwin, Studs Terkel, Sterling Plumpp, Amiri Baraka aka Leroi Jones, etc.


The Photography of Glenn Kaupert & LeVern Danley

On display in the Logan Center


Professional Development

Music as a Second Language:

Use the Blues and Technology to Help Improve Social, Emotional Learning

2.5 hours



• Teachers, Principals/Administrations, Superintendents
• Local School Council Members, Parents
• Participants don't have to be musically inclined to benefit from this experience.

• Talent Buyers


Ideal For:             

Teacher Workshops and Workplace Team Building Seminars


• STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Math)

• Literacy
• Discipline
• Drop-out Prevention
• Digital Learning
• Youth Symposium / Music Education
• Cultural Relevant Teaching Strategies


Presenter: Fernando Jones          

• Blues Ensemble Director, Columbia College Chicago

• Blues Kids Foundation, Executive Director

• Blues Kids of America, Founder

• Author of “I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot”   

• Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Inductee

• "Keeping the Blues Alive Award" recipient



This hands-on, interactive and entertaining seminar is designed to give life-long learners (including but not limited to administrators, pre-K through university instructors, parents and community leaders) strategies to engage non-traditional learners in the classrooms and community using America's roots music. Culturally relevant teaching strategies will also be demonstrated and supported by statistics, the integration of technology and live music. Strategies to help improve literacy, attendance and discipline will also be demonstrated through best practices. Participants don't not have to be musically inclined to benefit from this experience. Some may even receive harmonicas.


Fernando Jones has been invited to lecture and facilitated team building seminars throughout the continental United States and Hawaii by institutions and corporations including the Smithsonian, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum, the LA Unified School District(s), the Annual NABSE Conference, the Conservatory in Pescara, Italy, and Nike.


Learning Outcomes
For educators to be able to:

• Take strategies learned in the session back into their classrooms/districts.
• Improve literacy, attendance and help close the achievement gap.
• Design team-building exercises with their students.
• Present a collaborative project at the end of the session.


Pre-Session Activities (30 Minutes)
• Background Music Plays Softly
• Presenter Meets & Greets Participants
• Slide Show of Past Sessions

Professional Development Session Outline (60 - 90 Minutes)


Part I: Introduction
A.    Proctor Introduces FJ (1 Minute)
B.    Overview (2 Minutes)


Part 2: What Do You Already Know About this Subject?
C.    Ice Breaking Exercise (2 Minutes)
D.    Strategies: Characters - Social Studies + History (5 minutes)
E.    Stats +  Music and Cognition Connection to Test Scores (2 minutes)
Part 3A: Brain Teaser | Zinger

Part 3B: Cultural Relevant Teaching Strategies
(Joe-Nathan: Understanding is the Greatest Thing in the World)
F.    Dr. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and Music Connection
        Musical Learners (3 minutes)
G.    The Historical Importance and Cultural Relevance (5 minutes)
H.    Hands-on Activity: Jones Technique w/Harmonicas (5 Minutes)
Part 4A: Brain Teaser | Zinger

Part 4B: Collegiality: Peer Teaching / Peer Collaboration Exercise
I.     Breakout Collaboration Activity (3 - 5 groups 15 Minutes)
J.    Group Presentation of Song (10 Minutes)
K.   Recap / Benefits of Roots Music in the Classroom (3 Minutes)


Part 5: Conclusion
(What Have You Learned?)
L.   Comments, Q & A, and Meet the Presenter (10 Minutes)
M.  Book Signing


Talking with a Mind: The Intellectual Capital of a Blues (Wednesday or Thursday)

Guests to target (15 minutes per segment)

• Cornel West (Clip of him professing to be a Bluesman in a political context)

• Bill Ferris, University of North Carolina

• Portia Maultsby, Indiana University

Host MC ideas:

• Julianna Richardson, History Makers, founder

• Tavis Smiley

• Cheryl Burton, ABC7


To have two intellectual giants on the national stage discuss the the status of Black music in America, its global impact ant the Blues at its genesis.


Video Presentation Blues is . . .

Film in black and white, 100 Blues men and women saying one non- repeatative word in a talking heads frame saying "that" word.


Blues Camp The Musical

The play can be presented and mounted as a table read with some of the performing arts theatre students or if there's enough time it could be mounted.

Blues Camp: The Musical


Blues Camp Weekend (The weekend before the Fest)

Target CPS and private schools within a 1.5 mile radius


4:00PM - Parent/guardian and student reception

5:00PM - Ensemble rehearsal

8:00PM - Sock Hop & Pizza Party

9:30PM - Dismissal

(U of C may or may not provide lodging)



7:30AM - Breakfast

8:00AM - Blues Kids' Morning Jam (Auditorium)

8:45AM - Morning Assembly / Roll Call (Everyone)

9:00AM - Ensemble Sessions

11:30AM - Special Guest Visitor (Auditorium)

11:45AM - Lunch

12:30PM - Dismissal

5:30PM - Sound Check

6:00PM - Donor Reception | Meet & Greet

6:30PM - Fernando Jones Concert

7:00PM - Blues Kids Concert

7:45PM - Intermission

8:30PM - The Blues Kids Meet & Greet (Autograph Session)

9:00PM - The End


Community Talent Show