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It was good to have met you Saturday. I'd like to re-establish an official relationship with Fender as a signature artist promoting the Telecaster and P-Bass to an untapped audience -- including my fans, Blues Kids, and their parents, globally. Over the course of a year I see over 500 Blues Kids in my camps and over 10,000 students in public and private schools plus colleges and festivals in different parts of the world.

Originally, brought into Fender as an artist and educator by Dan Smith in 1991, my brand loyalty remains. Richard McDonald and Jason Smith can vouch for my commitment, talent, Blues Camp impact, and more. My Blues Camp and Blues Kids programs are at the vanguard of Blues pedagogy and andragogy. 

I'd like:

• To invite you to observe Blues Camp Chicago in July.

• To re-establish a strategic partnership between Fender Musical Instruments and the Fernando Jones brands (Telecaster / P-Bass player, Blues Kids of America and Blues Camp International).

• To be part of your global marketing and community outreach music instruction / education strand.

• Branding of our imprint with yours.

• Donated gear for Blues Camp's 10th Anniversary / 30th Anniversary of Blues Kids of America.

Below you will find me performing plus instructional evidence content (videos) I created for Jim Dunlop. The same can be done for FMI including the camp flyers and guitar design I spoke of in Saturday. The signature Telecaster can be used as part of your community outreach initiative to generate and stimulate sales, while a percentage of the proceeds can benefit our nonprofit, Blues Kids Foundation. No one has done more to impact the future's evolution of the Blues in the last 30 years than I, respectfully.  Hover over and click images to download.

“I work on my craft and my complete package every single day. I perform every show as if it were Carnegie Hall -- even if it’s a gift of my time in a classroom, retirement home, front porch in Mississippi, a TV show or on stage for thousands of dollars. My music and I are one. Being born 5 months premature, one looks at life differently. Therefore, each day is a lifetime achievement award proven earned the following day.”

- Fernando Jones

"Fernando is one in a million trying to get to the bottom of the barrel of the Blues.”

- Buddy Guy

Strategic partnerships and professional affiliations: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (Life Membership), American Federation of Musicians (Local 10-208), Jim Dunlop, D'Addario, Real Men Cook, The Chicago Blues Festival Advisory Board, NABSE and Shure.

Charitable Giving Real Men Cook Charities, Guide Right Chicago, The Greater Chicago Food Depository, Edward G. Irvin Foundation and more, and church and civic organizations.


• Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Inductee

• "Blues Kids Day(s)" proclamations from: the City of Chicago

• California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition

• City of Riverside, CA Proclamation to Recognize and Honor

• State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition 

• Corona, CA Blues Day Proclamation

• State of Illinois Proclamation for  a Blues Day

• Keeping the Blues Alive Award recipient.

• Teacher of the year finalist (Columbia College Chicago, 2006).

• Life Membership with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

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Photo by Glenn Kaupert