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Hi, I'm Fernando Jones. Welcome to Master Class Sessions. Just as there are fundamentals for playing your favorite sport “The Art of Playing + Singing the Blues by Ear” will teach you the fundamentals and basic skills needed to become a more impactful musician. Entry level, intermediate, weekend warrior or pro, this nurturing, interactive experience is for you.

In this intuitive, self-paced online course, filmed in 4K by Emerging Light Media on the Southside of Chicago, I will demonstrates techniques and tricks of the trade in real life practice and performance situations on guitar, bass, drum(s), harmonica and the voice, while showing how they can work together without cluttering up the song. Concepts and skills learned here are transferable to all instrument family groups and music genres. You will learn about the music business, too. Assignment submission feedback will be given. Upon course completion, you will receive a certificate.

I have successfully taught the Blues to elementary school, high school and college students. I have also been a living resource for PhD candidates at Indiana University, DePaul University, Union Institute and University of Nottingham University. Now it's our turn to work together. 


Learn Today. Gig Tonight.

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