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For Don Lace, Jr.
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Donald A.  Lace, Jr. | Sunday, January 19th | NAMM 2020

Donald A. Lace, Jr. | Sunday, January 19th | NAMM 2020

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Welcome to Blues Camp. | Fernando
Video by Quincy Rycraw Cochran

Welcome to Blues Camp. | Fernando Video by Quincy Rycraw Cochran

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Sinbad on Fernando Jones' Blues Camp

Sinbad on Fernando Jones' Blues Camp

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Morris Hayes at Blues Camp Chicago | July 11, 2018

Morris Hayes at Blues Camp Chicago | July 11, 2018

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It was so cool finding out that you knew Dan Smith. Two things: Above are videos with high profile industry leaders speaking of or performing at my camp. I’d like to figure out some kind of way we could publicly acknowledge his brilliance, humanity and contribution to the making of American music via the Fender stuff. Maybe a commemorative Cigar Box Guitar. I am brand loyal and I'd like for you to be our newest strategic partner and teammate.

















I’d like to also continue our conversation about a strategic partnership between Lace and my interchangeable brands . . “Fernando Jones’ Blues Camp International” for youths (my 501(c)(3) nonprofit called Blues Kids Foundation and “Fernando Jones” the musician. Maybe be the title sponsor for our Blues Kid of the Year Contest.

Our details of Blues Camp are in the brochure I gave you at NAMM. I’d like to start the ball rolling by inviting you as my guest to attend, observe and participate in my Chicago camp. It’s in the Music Center of Columbia College Chicago on the South Loop area. Here, you will have access to 90 to 100+ Blues Kids attending and performing in a week of free events to them. You can even present a workshop for the Blues Kids on making their own Cigar Box Guitars on the Monday of Blues Camp.

In the past we have had these industry leaders visit and talk to and/or conduct workshops for our Blues Kids including but not limited to:

• The late Dan Smith (Fender Musical Instruments)

• Morris Hayes (Prince's music director and longest serving band member)

• John Dreyer (Fender Musical Instruments)

• Shure (The Chicagoland Team)

• Chicago Federation of Musicians Local 10-208 ()

• Bruce Iglauer (Founder of Alligator Records)

Venues that have hosted our Blues Camp performances:

• Hard Rock Cafe Chicago

• House of Blues Chicago

• Fender Center for the Performing Arts in Corona, CA
• Buddy Guy’s Legends (Host Venue)

Fernando Jones

Rare, if one word could describe this "creative", is indeed Fernando Jones as evidence of his work(s) demonstrate; here’s why Fernando Jones, a Keeping the Blues Alive Award recipient and Chicago Blues Hall of Famer is worth investing in as a performer, lecturer and/or an artist-in-residence. Fernando Jones is original in his approach to music with a focus on the Blues and the performing arts.


This world-class, internationally known American Bluesman, educator and songwriter was born to loving Mississippi parents on the Southside of Chicago in Bronzeville. They were advocates for education. Jones is one of a few living young American Bluesmen to have a tribute album done of his compositions by Jona's Blues Band of Rome, Italy. He has performed his compositions from basement parties to the University of Hawaii to The Smithsonian Institute to the Conservatory of Music in Pescara, Italy to nightclubs in Havana, Cuba. Sample of his scholarly writing in Journal of Popular Music Studies and awards. In January 2020, the National Association of Music Merchants will have him host a lecture/talk on the impact of Blues Pedagogy. As a lecturer Fernando Jones has established Blues Camps for youths on the continents of Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean island of Cuba. Here's an interview on him done by The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.

Jones' lecture at Delta State University, October 4, 2019

Inspired by his older brothers, Foree, Marvin and Greg, Jones taught himself how to play guitar when he was just four years old, and has been playing ever since. Today, he’s still an internationally travelled performer and educator; as a bandleader Fernando Jones & My Band! is a sharp dressed, raw guitar driven original sounding power trio. Their sound is full, sexy, and always evolving. Whether playing alone in someone's living room or with his band in concert, each performance is entertaining and engaging among multigenerational audiences. He has no tricks or gimmicks and is easy to work with and is one of the most complete Bluesmen and scholars of his generation.


Jones is on faculty in the Music Department at Columbia College Chicago as the founding Blues Ensemble director. There, his Blues Camp for student musicians ages 12 to 18 is in-residence. He also holds memberships with the American Federation of Musicians (Local 10 - 208), Broadcast Music, Inc. (songwriter and publisher), The Chicago (IL) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated (Lifetime).

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